Conditions of lease


    1. Villa – Villa Milica (address Šajini 84, in Šajini, 52207 Barban, Croatia)
    2. Villa Owner, respectively its authorised representative – lessor
    3. Villa Guest – lessee
    4. House rules – list of basic rules of behaviour in the villa and on the villa property
    5. Lease Contract – written certification of reservation + villa lease Conditions
    6. Reservation Certification – written reply by villa owner for payment of lease or advance of payment for lease of villa
    7. Guest reservation of villa – procedure of guest reservation of villa to the Croatian Tourist Board (HTZ)
    8. Villa web page
    9. Villa web page


  1. VILLA
    1. Description of villa and list of equipment are displayed in text, photo and video on the villa web page. The villa owner is responsible for the accuracy of the data on the villa webpage.
    2. When guests arrive at the villa, it must be clean and fully functional. The owner is responsible that all appliances in the villa are in working condition. If this is not the case, the guest is to inform the owner immediately about the problem, and the owner is obligated to rectify this as soon as possible.


    1. Guests are obligated to act responsibly in the villa and on the property of the villa with adequate care, in compliance with the rules of Conditions of Lease and House rules, stated on the villa web page and in a visible place in the villa. Price of services is also stated in a visible place in the villa.
    2. The villa guest has the responsibility to leave the villa in the state in which he found it. During the lease of the villa, the guest is obligated to report the incurrence of any damage in the villa or on the villa property. Before departure the villa guest is obligated to view the villa and the villa property with the owner of villa. The guest must answer to the owner for any incurred damages. In such cases the owner of the villa has the right to charge for damages from the damage deposit.
    3. If the guest upon entering the villa notices a lack of cleanliness, damages or any other irregularities, or has any other complaints, he is obligated to report them. Complaints concerning cleanliness are to be reported immediately at first hand. The villa guest is obligated to report any other complaints without deferral or within 24 hours to the villa owner. In this case the villa guest is obligated to allow the villa owner sufficient time to remove the cause of complaint.
    4. At no time is it permitted for more people to vacate the villa than is proscribed, as stated on the villa web page. While vacating the villa, the villa guest is obligated to inform the villa owner of all who might come visit as guests. The villa guest is obligated to ask the owner of the villa permission if the number of guests in the villa or on the villa property the number as proscribed.
    5. The villa owner cannot be claimed responsible for any noise emanating from another property, construction site, road etc. If the villa owner is able lessen such noise he will do so as soon as possible. While on the villa property, villa guests are prohibited from disturbing public order and peace.
    6. The villa owner is responsible for all pool equipment, cleaning the pool and sanitary water in the pool. The villa guests are obligated to adhere to the regulations villa owner has provided them. A sign on the basic regulations on the use of the pool are inscribed in a visible place in close proximity to the pool. The villa guests are responsible for their own use of the pool. Children are prohibited from being in the pool or near the pool without adult supervision. In case of damage to any outer equipment of the pool or pool lid, villa guests are obligated to remunerate any damages to the villa owner. It is possible that the pool is out of use outside of the summer season.
    7. It is permitted to keep pets in the villa as proscribed on the villa web page. Villa guests are responsible for the cleanliness of their pets. It is prohibited that pets use any furniture, and any evidence of pets using it may result in additional expenses for villa guests. Pets must be vaccinated against rabies and other diseases as proscribed by law. The villa owner takes no responsibility for any eventual illness or injury any pet may suffer while vacating the villa or the villa property, nor for any allergic reactions guests may incur as a result of keeping pets. Pets are prohibited from using the pool.
    8. The departure of guests before the end of the scheduled lease and without prior notification will result in risk and cost to the villa guests.
    9. The price of accommodation and other services as stated on the villa webpage are in the currency of the euro. The payment of advances and the remainder for the lease are to be completed via bank transfer. The villa owner cannot be responsible for any charges by any other banking institutions. In case of reservation cancellations all payments to the villa owner are non-refundable. It is recommended that guests personally sign an insurance policy for reservation cancellation.
    10. Upon the transfer of the lease the villa owner will provide the villa guest with a receipt for the lease and other services. The expenses of water, gas electricity, internet, bedding, towels, dishrags, final cleaning of the villa interior, pool maintenance and that of the surroundings, tourist tax and VAT (value added tax) are included in the lease price of accommodation.
    11. The villa owner cannot be accounted responsible for cases of a „greater power“ (war, natural disasters, ecological disasters, epidemics, border closures, strikes…) which could not have been foreseen when signing the lease contract.
    12. On the basis of the regulation (EU) number 2016/679 of the European parliament and committee 27.04.2016 on the protection of the individual concerning the processing of information and the free movement of such information, all guests are to provide the villa owner with some form of identification (ID card, passport) or Authorisation for the use of necessary personal information for guest reservation. After guest reservation the villa owner has the responsibility to destroy this collected guest data.
    13. Villa guests have the right to a written complaint on the accommodation services offered. Written complaints are to be sent to the villa owner’s email address. The villa owner is obligated to reply with a written answer within 15 days of receiving the complaint.  


    1. The villa lease Contract begins with the reservation. Within (3) days of the reservation the guest must pay an advance to the villa owner which amounts to at least 30% of the total cost of lease for the period of the reservation. The contract is considered complete at the moment when the villa owner receives the advance sum. In cases in which payment is not completed three (3) days from the day of reservation, the lease Contract is considered terminated, thus the owner is authorised, without informing the villa guest, to negotiate a lease Contract with another guest. The villa owner, although not obligated, can send a notification to the guest as a reminder on the obligation of payment with a reminder of the required date of its completion. The guest is to pay the entire remainder to the villa owner in less than 30 days from the beginning of the lease period.  
    2. By paying the reservation advance the villa guest unconditionally accepts the lease Conditions. Upon receiving the payment, the villa owner must send a written registration confirmation to the guest via email. Reservation confirmation includes: the villa owner’s contact information, villa location and address, number of villa guests, number of villa guests under the age of 25 , number of guests to the age of 1, number of pets, term of villa reservation, arrival and departure time of villa guests, advance payment amount and total lease amount for the term of reservation. A written reservation confirmation with these lease Conditions of which the villa lease Contract consists.
    3. During the reservation process the guest must report the number of pets. The price of regular cleaning amounts to 50 euros/per week per pet, added to the total cost of villa lease. It is prohibited to bring more pets than as reported and stated in the reservation Confirmation.
    4. On the day of reservation the guest must be at least 21 years of age. If the majority of guests are younger than 25 years of age they must report immediately to the villa owner after reservation the correct number of guests and their age. If this is the case the villa owner can ask guests to pay an additional advance for insurance of damages on the property in order that the reservation remains valid. The villa owner maintains the right to refuse groups of guests younger than 25 years of age if he is uninformed on their arrival. In this case villa guests do not have the right to a refund of the paid amount for the lease.
    5. The proscribed number that can be accommodated at one time in the villa is eight (8). Children under the age of one are not included in this number. At every time in the villa or the villa property it is prohibited that a larger number of guests can vacate the villa other than stated in the reservation Confirmation. A request of a change of the number of guests to vacate the villa is to be sent to the villa owner via email at least three (3) days before the villa guests’ arrival.  
    6. The scheduled time of arrival of guests to the villa is 15:00 local time at the latest. The villa guests’ time of departure is u 10:00 local time at the latest. The villa owner will await the guests for payment of lease and the guest check-in process. The villa guest is obligated during the payment of lease to provide the villa owner with identification for inspection for the guest check-in process. Payment of lease will be enacted only in cases of full payment of the villa lease and the payment of deposit at the amount of 300 euro. The purpose of the deposit is the insurance of damages on the villa owner’s property. The villa owner will return the full deposit amount during departure if there were no damages to the villa owner’s property. If the guest causes any damage to the villa owner’s property the villa owner can charge these damages from the deposit. If these incurred damages are greater than the deposit amount the villa owner has the right to demand the payment of the remaining amount in cash on site. In cases of departure later than noted the villa guest is obligated to pay for all additional expenses on site.


    1. The villa guest can only cancel the lease contract via email, without the obligation to state the reasons for cancellation. The villa lease cancellation is applicable only after the villa owner has confirmed he has received this cancellation. In case of cancellation of lease, the villa owner retains all payments until the day of cancellation, thus the guest is not entitled to a refund of the same. It is recommended that guests have an insurance policy contract for reservation cancellation. If the villa guest finds some other guest instead of himself/herself for the same period and under the same conditions, the villa owner will enact a transfer of the lease reservation Contract after receiving all necessary data on the new guest. In such a case the villa owner will send a written reservation Confirmation to the new guest. The villa owner will retain the paid amount of villa lease paid by the prior guest.  The new guest is obligated to pay the remainder of the villa lease to the full amount, if it exists.
    2. The villa owner can cancel the villa lease contract in cases when::
      • guests do not adhere to the regulations of the House rules and those of the lease conditions,
      • the villa guest does not complete payment in the term as stated in these lease conditions,
      • villa guests through careless behaviour incur damages to the villa or the villa property,
      • villa guests do not adhere to the regulations the villa owner provided them and do not respect the regulations of these lease conditions which pertain to the pool and pool equipment,
      • all villa guests during transfer do not permit the villa owner to inspect their identification (identity card, passport) for the purpose of the proscribed check-in process,
      • if there are more people in the villa or the villa property without the villa owner’s permission,
      • if the guests do not inform the villa owner in advance via email that they are a group of guests under the of 25,
      • the majority of guests are under the age of 25 and do not want to pay the deposit for insurance of damages for the property of the villa owner,
      • if the villa guest brings a pet without informing the villa owner in advance and without evidence the pet has been vaccinated against rabies and other diseases in accordance with official decrees,
      • villa guests disturb the peace or ignore the villa owner’s warning that they are disturbing the peace,
      • villa guests are smoking in the villa interior,
      • the occurrence of a „greater power“ as described in these lease Conditions.


    1. Villa guests are to send special requests not included in the villa lease price (such as the order of ingredients, food, drink, cooks etc.) to the villa owner in advance via. If possible the villa owner will, himself or through a third party, fulfil the villa guests’ special requests.
    2. In cases of breach of these lease conditions the villa owner is authorised to cancel the lease Contract, in which the villa guest no longer has the right to a refund of the amount paid for accommodation from the villa owner. Cancellation of lease Contract comes into effect immediately, without a cancellation period. Villa guests are then obligated to leave the villa immediately and permanently.
    3. The unauthorised use of data published on the villa web page, even in part, is prohibited by law and represents a breach of copyright.
    4. House rules and these lease Conditions are published on the villa webpage in Croatian, English and German. In cases of uncertainty, the version in Croatian is authoritative.
    5. In cases of dispute all disputes will be resolved amicably. Otherwise it will be resolved by the authority of the court in Pula and the application of Croatian law.


Dear Guests,

Welcome to Villa „Milica“! We are very pleased that you have chosen our villa for your vacation. For your comfortable sojourn, we would like to introduce you with a few notifications.  

Villa „Milica“ is equipped partially with a family heritage, furniture and details, and we are glad and proud that they are still attractive. We would like to provide you a comfortable sojourn like we did with a number of guests that have been here before you. The main purpose of Villa „Milica“ is to provide a comfortable accommodation, and it is our wish that all the guests get a „feels like home“ experience during their stay. To make this possible please consider the following facts:

  • Check-in is scheduled every Sunday at 3pm, and departure at 10am.
  • The interval from 10am to 3pm is used to clean and prepare the house, exterior, swimming pool, etc.
  • The house is cleaned and maintained only with ecological and biodegradable detergents which are our contributions to the environment.
  • The house rooms are individually air-conditioned, and we kindly ask you to check the doors and windows to be properly closed when the air condition is operating, in order not to waste the electrical energy.
  • In the case of a bad weather or a storm, all the parasols, windows, doors and shutters have to be closed and secured.
  • Using of the swimming pool and the contents of the house interior and exterior are on your own responsibility. We recommend you to use the pool reasonably and without extreme exhibitions.
  • The swimming pool is equipped with the automatic water filtering device. Cleaning of swimming pool is needed once or twice a week, depending on weather conditions and the way of use. Please, use the swimming pool according to the appending notifications.
  • All the electrical devices in the house should be used with the reasonable caution and in the accordance with the provided manual instructions.
  • Smoking in the house is not allowed.
  • Use of the fireplace in the house is not allowed.
  • Pets are allowed in the house. Pets are not allowed to use house furniture and a swimming pool.
  • Persons who are not registered as „Villa Milica“ guests are not allowed to stay in the house overnight or during whole day and use inventory without explicit permission of the house hosts.
  • To ensure a pleasant and comfortable sojourn for the successive quests we ask you please to leave the house in the state like it was when you came.
  • During the time of your stay, please feel like in your own home!
  • In the case of any need, we are at your disposal 24/7.
  • According to the General Dana Protection Regulation (GDPR) a consent is needed to use a personal data for checking-in and checking-out of tourists.
  • According to the Consumer Protection Act, written complaint to the provided accommodation services are submitted to the following email:
  • The response to the written complain will be replied within 15 days from receiving.

We wish you a pleasant vacation – your hosts Ivana & Franko Sifari